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The Big Boozy Blondie

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Weighing in at a solid 5LBS and dripping from top to bottom in our signature Tipsy Bourbon Caramel Sauce - this is the kind of unapologetic dessert you need to make plans around! ⁣

Introducing: The Big Boozy Blondie

⁣She's long been a star on our menu with many adoring fans but you've never seen her quite like this before. Ooey gooey but & tough and chewy all at the same time - this sweet & savory stunner fills the inexhaustible void deep deep inside. Our classic homemade buttermilk cream cheesecake is layered in between two thicc browned butter butterscotch blondies injected with our signature Tipsy Bourbon Caramel Sauce and then topped off with MORE Tipsy Bourbon Caramel Sauce! ⁣

Note: this is not your typical cheesecake but a cheesecake dessert

Side effects may include: happiness, feeling of elation, sugar coma

Contains: Wheat, Milk, Egg, Soy

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