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Meet  the Owners




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      Julia and Gregory met in New York City in the summer of 2014; both actors and filmmakers working in restaurants to pay their bills. They quickly discovered their shared passion for great food as they explored the culinary playground of NYC while dating. After five years together, they both had the start of real careers and some serious traction in the entertainment industry but still had to maintain survival jobs inside the grind of New York City. At the time, Gregory was working as a private chef for a Craigslist "Sex Therapist" and Julia was bartending and managing a brewery inside Port Authority. They were THRIVING! Just kidding. Groceries cost half their paychecks, they were both severely Vitamin D deficient, and truth be told one can only share a subway seat with a man with dead pigeons in his pockets so many times before they realized it’s time to move on. So in January of 2019, they made the move to Los Angeles in search of a slower pace of living.


       Within days of arriving in Los Angeles Gregory became the head baker of a now famous bagel company and Julia was hustling with various bartending jobs. And then BOOM! 2020 roared in with the COVID-19 pandemic and halted employment in the restaurant industry. It was always a far-fetched dream to think they might one day open up their own business, however, this newfound period of uncertainty opened a window of opportunity. Julia bought a mixer on Craigslist and began making cheesecakes in their kitchen. Combining the fresh cream cheese Greg was making at the bagel shop with Julia's mom's famous Christmas cheesecake recipe gave birth to a ground breaking cheesecake that quickly took LA by storm.  


      We LOVE food and using our creativity to make food that brings happiness to others is the ultimate reward. East Side Cheesecakes is a pop up bakery based in East Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in artisan cheesecakes made using hand crafted buttermilk cream cheese. The addition of our cultured cream cheese adds a rich depth of flavor.


We offer our customers a truly unique & indulgent dessert experience. Our Cheesecake is not nearly as heavy and far more nuanced than any other cheesecake. Store bought preservative-filled cream cheese simply can’t compare.


We offer local pick up and delivery from our commissary kitchen. We ship nationwide shipping on We participate in night markets and pop up events. We’ve recently ventured into the Vegan dessert space and we’re currently developing a line of cheesecake for the Keto community.


You can always grab a slice of our cheesecake at your local Uncle Paulie's Deli or at Sara's Market in East LA. We provide cheesecakes to high-end restaurants like The Grill on the Alley in Beverly Hills. East Side Cheesecakes is the official cheesecake of the Golden Girls Pop Up Kitchen currently touring the USA.  

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