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The PumpKing Blondie

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FALL IS HERE 🎃 and we are ready for a REMIX! That's right - we're bringing you one of our most beloved desserts with a Pumpkin Spice (and EVERYTHING nice) upgrade. 

Introducing: The Big Boozy [PumpKing] Blondie

⁣Our Big Boozy Blondie has been a star on our menu with many adoring fans but you've never seen her quite like this before. Ooey gooey but & tough and chewy all at the same time - this sweet & spicy stunner fills the inexhaustible void deep deep inside. Our famous PumpKing's Mistress cheesecake is layered in between two thicc browned butter butterscotch blondies injected with our signature Tipsy Bourbon Caramel Sauce. Served with your very own bottle of our Signature Tipsy Caramel - so you may drizzle caramel until your heart desires! ⁣It's the perfect fall dessert for anyone who loves sweet & savory treats.  

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